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Bonkers Blog September 2017

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10 September - What Councillors believe. What the public thinks

The output from my solar panels suggests that Bexley has enjoyed much better weather than I did in Wiltshire all weekend, so maybe Bexley was happier than Malmesbury for a day or two. (Office of National Statistics ratings : Bexley 7·24. Malmesbury 7·50.)

Three hours on the M4 and M25 are not conducive to very serious blogs and in any case Councillor Philip Read has been blogging sentiments that I may have made myself. The ‘sad idiot’ seems to have recognised that Councillors like him have ‘nil understanding of real life’…
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… because while he has Retweeted two references to a public meeting in Sidcup, residents who were there took a rather dim view of it.

A lot of angry people at public consultation regarding regeneration at 124 Station Road Sidcup.

Just what’s needed. 135 new homes and new supermarket with precious little parking.

Spokesman said GLA and TfL have said no one will need a car because they are so close to the station.

TfL and the GLA said the same thing about the Peabody developments a little to the North of Abbey Wood station and already approved in outline. Bexley Council didn’t like that idea and parking spaces will be provided for the first area to be rebuilt - but not later ones if I correctly remember what was said at the Planning meeting.

No parking would appear to be the future under the current Mayor. Who voted that twerp into office? (And Philip Read will still say I am a Labour supporting troll.)

The Sidcup Community Group had this to say about the Sidcup development…

If you have not been to the exhibition at Holy Trinity Hall may I suggest you go to voice your views.

This is an eight storey development stretching to within 20 metres of the nearest residential properties. As before there is very limited car parking for 35 cars. The whole site is to be built on with car parks being underground. The representative of the development company trotted out the usual comments that people living there would not need cars as they would be commuting to London. He actually said that an area that is becoming run down needs this kind of plan!

So far no tests have been made to ascertain the effects of wind as a consequence of the building.

A representative of the developer stated that if they did not plan for this degree of density permission would not be granted to redevelop. As to social housing he said that this could take several forms. He expected that he Council’s preferred option would be social housing as shared ownership.

As this Group has warned time and time before, the building of Bling Palace aka "The Fold" would set a precedent for Christopher House and now this. Has anyone tried to drive let alone park near Sidcup Station during peak hours? Worse still, social, medical and educational services are unlikely to be increased to cope with the proposed new housing but these issues are of no interest to the developer.


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