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Bonkers Blog September 2017

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7 September (Part 1) - Bexley Tories. Shooting themselves in the foot

TweetThere are few things better than waking up in the morning to discover that BiB has got well up the noses of the clowns who Twitter under the name @bexleynews. I’ve never seen ‘The West Wing’ but hope whoever said it was right, for Bexley Conservatives shoot at me on a daily basis.

Nice to know I must be doing something right.

Yesterday the clowns lied that I was on the side of litter louts and regarded going after them as “vindictive”. It’s a familiar theme, not long ago Bexley Conservatives accused Labour Members during a Council meeting of being friends of fly tippers.

Listen to the Craske idiot for yourself.

I think the clowns were referring yesterday to the blog in which I suggested that publishing the names and addresses of offenders was vindictive. I went as far as saying that prosecuting offenders was “fair enough” but according to the liars in charge of Bexley Council I do not support the pursuit of litter louts.

Craske and his disreputable mates really are scum politicians but their tactics are not supported by all of their colleagues, one Direct Messaged me an apology.

TweetThe clowns were at it again this morning. Apparently a Labour supporter (that’s me who has only voted Labour (†) once since 1964) wishes there was more crime. You have to be slightly mental to even think such a thing let alone write it.

They are saying that because I challenged them again over the dubious claim that Bexley has had the lowest crime rate in London for all of the past ten years.

That is simply not true. It has always been among the lowest but it bobs around in the best four or five, usually towards the top of that range but it is not consistently top dog.

Councillors have heard police commanders say exactly that in the Council chamber.

The leading Bexley Conservatives are liars through and through. They won't answer my question but they may delete the original lie.

† Danny Hackett twisted my arm.


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