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Bonkers Blog September 2017

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3 September (Part 1) - Campaign for a Crossrail extension continues

Alex and Teresa CrossrailThe Secretary of State for Transport came to Bexley last Thursday to hear the Council’s case for improved transport infrastructure. Everything from buses to Crossrail and electric cars. Naturally a Press Release was issued.

Presumably Chris Grayling was not shown the huge chunks of concrete which preclude an easy extension of Crossrail to Belvedere and beyond. (Photo 2.)

A single track Crossrail extension is feasible as would train diversion on to the North Kent tracks but unless the new Abbey Wood station is demolished two track operation seems unlikely.

For the record, I made a third on-line request for parking enforcement this morning. All but the tiniest of cars have been unable to access my drive since last Thursday. As one has come to expect of Bexley Council, there has been no response.


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