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Bonkers Blog September 2017

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2 September (Part 2) - Abbey Wood vandals strike again

No parking No parking ObstructionThere is something about this that is slightly amusing but it is not really. The Abbey Wood vandals have struck again. A parking ticket machine on New Road has disappeared. At £5.70 for two hours, if I remember correctly, it might well be worth nicking.

Unfortunately motorists are now compelled to pay by phone but that is something that they have had to get used to since 2011. Doesn’t time fly?

I wonder if the local police will take it more seriously than they did the brick through a windscreen?

I shall plead innocence despite provocation. My drive is still obstructed 36 hours after first reporting it to Bexleyְ’s parking enforcement service. The camper van is partially across the dropped kerb leading to the houses to the left too.


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