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Bonkers Blog September 2017

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1 September (Part 1) - Officially a sneaky git

While in Cliffsend yesterday Mick Barnbrook, Elwyn Bryant and I briefly discussed what Bonkers may have achieved and where it might go, if anywhere, in the future.

On the surface at least Bexley Council seems to have cleaned up its act considerably. No longer do we have members of staff sacked for alleged trouble making, that is reporting a paedophile manager working in a place to which children had access (subsequently convicted). It is a long time since we have seen a Bridleway closed without seeking the required permission of the Secretary of State, nor have I been reprimanded recently by a Council Director for revealing that a senior member of his staff had a pretty girlfriend who worked in Downing Street.

One might conclude that Bexley Council is not as Bonkers as it was. It may of course have simply got better at concealment and losing Nicholas Dowling to fatherhood, Mick Barnbrook to Ramsgate, John Kerlen to Harlow, Elwyn Bryant to one long round of old people’s touring holidays and Peter Gussman to mortality, has done nothing to assist daily blogging.

The last serious issue to come BiB’s way was when the pathetic Cabinet Member Don Massey reported me to the police for republishing things about him that were already easily available elsewhere on the web. My request to the police that they provide a lawful reason for jumping at his command is still unanswered more than eight months later.

If it wasn’t for the idiotic Cabinet Member Philip Read and his Tweets BiB would be very quiet indeed. There are far worse Councils than Bexley. Why does the Leadership not rein in the Northumberland Numpty and put BiB out of business?

BlockedWhen I got back from Cliffsend yesterday I found my way on to my own drive blocked by two inconsiderately (that is illegally) parked vehicles. My car is tiny and risking paintwork on brick I just managed to squeeze through the gap.

BiB has reported before that the facility for reporting bad parking by phone had been withdrawn but maybe that is another area where Bexley Council has been ‘Listening to you’ after all.

This morning I decided I had had enough of being blocked in and would grapple with Bexley’s on-line form.

I was pleasantly surprised that it was not a difficult procedure and the telephone facility has been unceremoniously slipped back in.

So I am now officially a sneaky git and I think I am going to do it again whenever necessary, which might be quite often, except that so far at least, after 90 minutes, there has been no follow up action.

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