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Bonkers Blog October 2017

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26 October (Part 1) - Cash flow. From you to them naturally

For a number of domestic reasons BiB is going to be a bit quiet over the next few days, possibly three or four, but before turning attention to other matters, here’s a final round up of the Places Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting.

Money, as you know, is being grabbed by Bexley Council in every way it knows how. “In terms of income opportunities, on food safety, we are now charging for re-inspection” and on garden waste the number forced into paying the bin tax has now reached 42,000.

The recycling contract (Serco) is being retendered with the prospect of “a modest saving”.

Assistant Chief Executive Mrs. Richardson also referred to “income targets”, “generating income” and “growing income streams”. She had high hopes for BexleyCo, Bexley Councilֹ’s new subsidiary company.

Revenue isn’t all one-way traffic, Mr. Bryce-Smith said that the 150 properties purchased to ease the crisis among the homeless had cost more than £50 million. Some homes have been obtained at below the asking price.

Councillor June Slaughter (Conservative, Sidcup) complained about what she saw as “an enormous waste of money”. The various Scrutiny meeting Agendas and Cabinet Agena had “about 100 pages” repeated in all of them and she thought they shouldn’t.

Unfortunately that overlooks the fact that Agendas have to be supplied to the public by law and the Council leaves itself open to criticism by members of the public who choose to go to only one meeting if they are provided only with skeleton Agendas.

Councillor Esther Amaning (Labour, Lesnes Abbey) was looking for an assurance that School Crossing Patrols would be retained in Bexley after the London Mayor’s announcement that he Khan’t any longer provide Bexley with the funds that paid for them.

Cabinet Member Alex Sawyer agreed that “the money was at risk” but the Council was doing everything possible to ensure “that Lollypop Ladies” remain in place. Alex had written to the Mayor who had responded “but not necessarily positively, I expected nothing less”.

Who would?


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