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Bonkers Blog October 2017

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18 October (Part 2) - Bexley’s webcasts. Technically none too good

I decided to give this evening’s Resources Scrutiny meeting a miss. Several reasons, they are too often boring but on a practical level I judged that with a late night yesterday another one would put attendance at tomorrow’s Transport meeting in jeopardy especially with another day in East Ham scheduled.

Seeing Councillors June Slaughter and Howard Marriner around the table - and both were at last night’s meeting too - I did feel a bit guilty about opting out but they are younger than I am so that’s my excuse. Then Chairman Steven Hall sounded rather disappointed when he announced that “unusually there are no members of the public present” and it wasn’t too boring a meeting after all.

Nevertheless I still managed to nod off in front of the screen and was woken only by the audio suddenly cutting out. It would appear it does so every time the screen saver kicks in.

CraskeThere is not in fact a lot of point in watching the screen, many of the speakers do not appear because of misaligned cameras and others have the top of their heads cut off.

The audio quality is not brilliant either, there is more buzz and hum than when I make my own recording and someone pressed the off button too early because the screen announced ‘Meeting concluded’ half way through the last Agenda item.

The last thing to be broadcast was Cabinet Member Don Massey confirming what we all knew anyway, that he is not going to be a Councillor next year. Hope the transmission break is not an omen, Massey goes and the Council collapses. Who could replace him? Not Councillor Craske, he might blow the budget on one of the Fixed Odds Betting Terminals he loves so much.

Maybe the Tories won’t even be re-elected in Bexley. Well one can dream.


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