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Bonkers Blog October 2017

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16 October - The epitome of police corruption

You may have recognised the signs, one long post on a Saturday morning then nothing for more than two days, yes I have been away from home on and off for the past three days. Two uneventful trips around the M25 too!

Because of that BiB is now almost a week behind in its reporting of Council meetings and spare time is not exactly plentiful.

Whilst I was away two messages arrived from the police, one direct and the other via Mr. Barnbrook.

IndependentThe Directorate of Professional Standards (DPS) has already acknowledged my complaint about Bexley police’s illogical and untruthful response to a question about Cabinet Member Don Massey and his harassment allegation.

They have now told me it will be joining a queue of complaints which is more than 12 months long. This is not a surprise, the last time I made a complaint at DPS level about the police was in June 2012 and it is still not answered.

Mick Barnbrook’s email was more interesting. It came from Police Sergeant Ryan Keating at the DPS.

He had read last Thursday’s blog in which BiB attempted to demolish Bexley Council’s tissue of lies which the police were persuaded to support. The blog ended with a report that the Civic Centre doorman confirmed he had never asked either Mick or me to leave Council premises nor was he aware that we had ever done anything to provide a reason for such an ejection. That we had refused the doorman’s request and only the police could get us to leave was a fundamental plank of Bexley Council’s justification for Councillor Bacon’s actions.

Sergeant Keating told Mick that the DPS will not reopen their enquiry; well as Mick had already said that he was going to let the matter drop, the statement must throw some doubt on Sergeant Keating’s comprehension skills.

He says that my conversation with the doorman is hearsay - and so it is - but BiB does not indulge in lies, one, because it would create an unmanageable tangle of contradictions and two, because libel lawyers are expensive.

However one comment betrays the mindset of the police; whatever the evidence might say (and dismiss it if it doesn’t suit the agenda) everything the establishment says must be right and everything the complainant says must be a lie.

Sergeant Keating says about Mick Barnbook and me personally is that we exist only to embarrass Bexley Council. Well yes to some extent, but only because Bexley Council won’t stop lying.

Sergeant Keating, his preconceived assumptions and far fetched reasons for not examining the evidence epitomises everything that is corrupt about the Metropolitan Police.

PoliceIf the police had ejected five members of the public from the Council Chamber on 19th June 2013 why did they not make a note of our names and why did they make no report when they got back to the station? Why did I make no reference to such an incident in the following day’s blog and why did the police say that nothing untoward had taken place when asked for comment by the local paper?

The answer is that Sergeant Keating has manufactured a whitewash and Bexley Council and the police have lied comprehensively.


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