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Bonkers Blog October 2017

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14 October (Part 2) - The terrible threesome

When I was a member of the local Conservative Association all I ever got out of them was invitations to dinner with government ministers and miscellaneous nobodies and the tickets were always far too expensive. I attended none of them.

In similar circumstances Boris Johnson was in town last night, I may have made an exception for him and coughed up the dough because whilst something of a maverick he was a better Mayor than Ken Wotsisname and a much better Mayor than Sadiq Khan and would make a much better Brexit negotiator than the pathetic Theresa May for whom the only thing one can say in her favour is that she is not Jeremy Corbyn.

I would happily speak to Boris, I would happily discuss politics with lots of the guests but even if I was paralytically drunk I would not be photographed hobnobbing with the two most consistently disreputable Councillors in Bexley.

If Anna Firth ever contests the Erith & Thamesmead parliamentary constituency again this photo will be a gift to anyone who wants to do her a mischief.

Thank goodness Teresa Pearce trounced Anna in 2015. There would be no one prepared to help fight the dishonesty which this grinning pair represents.


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