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Bonkers Blog October 2017

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14 October (Part 1) - The correct response is bonfires

Bexley Council sent me three copies of the Terms and Conditions for its garden waste service. It runs to four pages and more than 20 separate sections of rules and regulations every one of them heavily biased in the Council’s favour.

Despite that item 4) did not seem especially contentious to me.
It would appear that I am very wrong and the scallywags and scoundrels who run Bexley Council had me duped.

This is what a resident discovered when he went to sign up for the service a few days ago.

I didn’t renew my Garden Waste subscription this year as I didn’t seem to have a need for it but this month I changed my mind and applied for renewal. I was told I had to pay for the months I had no service back to April. I was not a member then and did not use the service.

Paying from now until next March is not allowed. I will raise a complaint, but I already know they are poacher and gamekeeper. Paying for a service I have not received is in my opinion robbery.

And in every one else’s opinion it will be robbery; don’t know what sort of garden the Bonkers’ reader has but in my experience the bin is not much used from November until March.

It would appear that even if one signs up in March a whole year’s subscription is demanded. Unfair Terms & Conditions anybody?

Bexley Council really is run by crooks.


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