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Bonkers Blog October 2017

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13 October (Part 4) - What’s Taboo in SE2?

Posting on Social Media is a serious business especially if one is trying to tackle the high level corruption from which Bexley has undoubtedly suffered and maybe still does.

Yesterday’s blog about the conspiracy between Bexley Council and the police took five and a half hours to write with maybe a few minutes break here and there.

Every fact must be checked, every word chosen carefully, every exaggeration weeded out. Accuracy to the best of my ability is paramount. Lies are absolutely out, with four thousand odd blogs under the belt lying would be a disaster. No one has the brain power or memory to get something the size of BiB to hang together without fear of contradiction if it was based on lies.

You would think the police would know that even if Bexley Council doesn’t but they carry on regardless.

A weakness of BiB - a product of it being a DIY coding job - is that there is no comments section. For that Facebook and Twitter must suffice. There was a Forum here for 12 months but no one used it. No one without a Russian email address anyway.

I have just about worked out what one can do with Twitter but Facebook remains an almost closed book. What annoys me intensely about Facebook is that if one wants to respond to a post you saw yesterday it can be the devil of a job to find it again. As I have said before. I am so hopeless with Facebook that the Bonkers Facebook account is contracted out.

Every time I receive an email notification from Twitter or Facebook it still worries me that someone may pick a hole in one of my arguments but so far it has not happened, Bonkers seems to preach to the already converted.

There has been very little dissent and if there is then so be it, people are entitled to their point of view. No one has ever been blocked by me on Twitter or excommunicated or whatever it is on Facebook. No comment has ever been deleted, it’s not compulsory to agree with me.

It would appear that not everyone takes the same view.

SE2I take the occasional look at a Facebook group called What’s New in SE2. It’s a popular web destination with about 2,000 members signed up. Occasionally I see people complaining that their posts have been deleted. The site owner maintains a fairly strict set of rules, some fair others maybe not so fair.

Three days ago a message turned up on What’s New in SE2 accusing a driver working for Abbey Wood Station Cars of making what appeared to be a racist remark. It’s more than likely that he said something like that. There is no evidence to the contrary - or I suppose to confirm it.

There was a chorus of condemnation. Various people aren’t going to use the company any more. There was an assumption that the company owner - himself a member of an ethnic minority - would not want to do anything about his driver because he would lose his registration fee.

He was accused of doing nothing

Eventually I came to the conclusion that some reality should be injected into the conversation. I pointed out that the cab company owner did not know his customer’s name, all we know is that it was Leon Berger’s partner.

We don’t know enough about the time of the incident, all that the company owner has to go on is that the driver was male and the passenger was female. Half his fares meet the appropriate criteria. What is he supposed to do about it if the actual customer has chosen not to complain?

Several minutes later I noticed an email notification. I had been called an idiot. I clicked on the link and found the post had already been deleted along with my own comments. I have searched for them several times over the past 24 hours but without success . Maybe it’s my ignorance of Facebook coming to the fore but I don’t think so.

I think I have joined the select few who have had posts deleted from What’s New in SE2. One might conclude that anyone who does not go along with the mob intent on slagging off local businesses is persona non-grata. That is no way to build a reputation for integrity.

It’s possible I will be banned altogether now but if I am it will tell you all you need to know about What’s New in SE2.

PS. Other readers have confirmed to me that my Facebook post in defence of the cab company was deleted. All the group’s users should take note that What’s New in SE2 imposes its own biased opinion on group members. It is not providing an entirely honest reflection of news and opinion in its area.


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