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Bonkers Blog October 2017

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13 October (Part 2) - To the Mayor of London every journey matters. Oh yeah!

I have just heard Sheila Fogarty on the London Broadcasting Company (†), sorry, LBC, castigate our Muslim Mayor for imposing his culture on this country. Sheila Fogarty is someone I usually turn off because of her unpalatable (to me) left wing views but If a leftie like Sheila thinks Khan is completely out of order if not totally nuts I assume I can safely follow in her footsteps without upsetting too many people.

My daughter was a ballerina in a London Ballet company before she took up journalism; I have seen (long ago) that athletic leaping pose at home and it is nothing out of the ordinary, certainly not sexy. I can only assume that Sadiq Khan has a filthy mind.

He says the lady in question must be adorned with a black band. Is it because he only likes ladies when draped in black?

Whilst banning tights and bikinis from the Underground is no more than an irritation and reminder that before long he may be asking ladies to walk behind their menfolk he is also wreaking widespread havoc across our roads system.

The latest letter (4th October) from TfL says that the fact that there is no need to press the button on the pedestrian crossing on Harrow Manorway is deliberate policy. Holding up traffic unnecessarily is what TfL does. (Don’t we know it!)

Sadiq Khan is a blithering idiot but maybe not as big an idiot as those who fell for his son of a bus driver nonsense.
Tights tfL
Earlier TfL response.

† It was London Broadcasting Company when I first listened to 97·3FM in 1974. Their studio was in Gough Square (behind Fleet Street) just a stone’s throw from my own office.


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