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Bonkers Blog October 2017

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11 October (Part 2) - From the top of Knee Hill you can see the chickens coming home to roost

No growthFrom 2006 to 2014 Bexley Council spent its time resisting anything that might represent growth and prosperity. They even spent taxpayers’ money on a brochure to every address which pushed a blatantly political measure. They did not want to see any extra traffic traversing Tory heartlands.

Now that they have seen how their actions were steering the ship on to the rocks it is all hands to the pumps, suddenly Labour party policies are flavour of the month and we are seeing infrastructure plans left right and centre.

But the damage has been done. Bexley’s plans rely heavily on Crossrail being extended across the borough but are apparently oblivious to the fact that the biggest lump of concrete ever seen in the borough has been dumped precisely where the tracks need to go.

Residents are being hit in more direct ways too. While our Council’s priority is lying about statistics such as being the happiest borough in London - Bexley is not even in the top half - and being a low tax borough - not even in the top two thirds - there are other statistics which you will never see Bexley Council bragging about.

Like worst borough in London for new housing. It’s the result of eight years of Bexley Council failure - the result of turning their backs on growth.

Thank goodness that three years ago they began to see the light.



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