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Bonkers Blog October 2017

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8 October - The useless Steve Didsbury

DidsburyIt is a year ago today that BiB first reported the blatant fly tipping of builder’s rubble into Bexley Council’s bins.

They are sited on private property but are quite obviously Council bins and they come to empty them now and again.

Keeping a safe distance between myself and the miscreant I snapped a few pictures. Unknown to myself at the time a neighbour was busy with his phone taking video from an upstairs window. Together we obtained clear evidence of who had been dumping rubbish at that point for years and I spoke to Bexley’s rubbish rubbish man Steve Didsbury about it.

A few days later he was given all the evidence he could possibly require, photos and video - and what did Steve useless Didsbury do? Absolutely nothing that is obvious. No response of any description, not even when reminded by my Councillor Danny Hackett.

How useless at his job can just one man be and hold on to a senior position? Could there ever be a more appropriate job description than ‘Head of Waste’?

Danny Hackett was also concerned about the fire hazard represented by two Transit vans at the same site packed full of wood. Subsequent investigation showed that they had been there for in excess of eight years.

Since then the two vans have been joined by two more derelict vehicles and if the fire hazard was not great enough already, two Calor gas canisters have been added to the mix, not to mention a ten litre drum of paint, fortunately now dried up.

The gas canisters have been there since the middle of August and it is now next to impossible to get to the bin to deposit waste plastic and tins; which is just as well because the refuse men can’t get there to empty it.
Rubbish Rubbish Rubbish Rubbish
Well done Steve Didsbury. See you here again next year no doubt.

Pictures taken yesterday.


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