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Bonkers Blog November 2017

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30 November - Craske rolls a double six

This is the second of two messages received overnight about the new issue of the Bexley Magazine and Bexley’s master storyteller, Cabinet Member Peter Craske.

Just received latest edition of Bexley Magazine. Do you know who actually compiles it? Would it be by a member of the Peter Craske fan club by any chance?

By my count (and I might have missed some) there are six mentions of his name and five photographs. The sooner you can take the man down never to be heard of again will not be soon enough.

Why is anyone surprised? Bexley Council is run by a thoroughly dishonest bunch of Councillors unafraid to indulge in criminal practices when the need arises. Who better to dominate its propaganda sheet than an accomplished liar?

But I have to take issue with the email writer, there are six Craske pictures, not five; the cover, two on Page 5 (look at the group photo), Page 7, Page 9 and Page 15. The man in the striped shirt on Page 16 may be him, but not sure. Craske’s name appears six times as stated by my correspondent, download the PDF and use the Find facility.

I imagine the Magazine is likely to be the work of John Ferry, Bexley’s Head of Comms. I think he must be a BiB reader, he Tweeted a correction to the Magazine’s misinformation on Crossrail only a few hours after it was featured here.


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