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Bonkers Blog November 2017

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28 November (Part 2) - It takes one to know one

If Councillor Philip Read hadn’t blocked me on Twitter before I even knew he had an account I would probably be ‘Liking’ his posts fairly regularly. He is a Conservative and I am a lapsed Conservative waiting in vain, as he may be too, for a decent Tory Leader.

TweetHis first effort on Twitter yesterday was absolutely spot on. Emma Dent Coad, MP for Kensington, is a thoroughly nasty individual not fit to be employed in any public facing capacity let alone be in Parliament.

She is a disgrace to her party and if its leader had any sense at all, which clearly he hasn’t, she would be immediately kicked out and as far away from public life as possible.

However Councillor Read, being something of a nasty individual himself, tried to use the Coad woman to have a go at, and name, the Labour Members of Bexley Council.

“Not brave enough to disown her”, Bexley’s homegrown ‘pedlar of sickening rants’ crowed.

Whilst it is easy enough to read Cabinet Member Philip Read’s sickening rants on Twitter, being blocked makes responding more difficult.

Yesterday I did so, albeit in a rather clumsy manner.

I suggested to Philip Read that the reason no local Labour Councillor disowned Emma Dent Coad might be exactly the same reason no local Conservative had condemned Cabinet Member Peter Craske for having two obscene blogs on his laptop. One published, one not.

Dent and Kensington are a long way from Bexley’s Labour Councillors whilst the Tories’ friend Pete sits alongside Read at every Council meeting. Bexley Conservatives have no excuse.


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