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Bonkers Blog November 2017

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28 November (Part 1) - Enjoy the sights and delights of Abbey Wood

BiB will disappoint the Northumberland Numpty (Councillor Read thinks it only reports negative stuff) today by reporting that the first of four new footpath ‘legs’ on Harrow Manorway flyover opened last Tuesday and it looks rather nice, if a big expanse of moulded concrete can ever be called nice.

It is clean, bright, graffiti and litter free (for now) and provides interesting views that have not been available until now. (Before its renovation the flyover did not have a footpath.)

Comment locally has been almost entirely favourable with just a few people suggesting that pedestrians should be protected by a barrier. Unfortunately barriers can have a cheese grater effect on cyclists who find themselves too close to passing vehicles.

Once Peabody builds hundreds of houses nearby the traffic congestion is likely to reduce vehicle speed to near zero and both pedestrians and cyclists will feel safe .
Harrow Manorway Harrow Manorway Florence Road Florence Road
Beneath the flyover traffic roads are frequently congested already but for entirely different reasons, Bexley Council’s stupidity.

They allow parking on a corner which brings buses (the 244 runs at ten minute intervals) to a halt. It’s a near daily occurrence, and I caught a glimpse of it again this morning. How long will it be before Bexley Council wakes up to the fact that it is somewhere badly in need of a second yellow line?

For the record the incident took place before the single line restriction came into operation and the Civil Enforcement Officer behaved impeccably.


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