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Bonkers Blog November 2017

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27 November (Part 1) - One man encourages fly tipping, now it’s official Council policy

With thanks to Hugh Neal the Maggot Sandwich blogger, BiB brings you this extract from a worrying email sent to him by Bexley Council. It specifically refers to the large recycling bins that used to grace Morrison’s Erith supermarket car park but its impact is said to be borough wide.

Due to the relatively high cost to service these banks and ongoing issues we have been experiencing with severe contamination at a number of the mini recycling sites we had to make the difficult decision to remove these banks boroughwide. This commenced on Tuesday 14th November after emptying on Monday 13th November.

Prior to the removal of the banks collections were suspended which led to issues at a number of sites with full banks.

Household plastic packaging and beverage cartons can continue to be recycled through the kerbside recycling collection in the maroon box for houses or silver bins for flats.

Fly tipper Fly tipper's friendI have every sympathy with the contamination problem but not so sure that this is the correct solution. It is the same mind set that says if beggars sit on street benches, take the benches away. If someone abuses a public toilet, close it permanently. If men loiter in the street drinking, attack the shopkeepers by withdrawing or restricting off-licences.

Now they are taking the bins away because a minority of idiots abuse the facility but when I sent in photos (and a neighbour sent video) of a bin contaminator caught in the act Bexley Council did absolutely nothing about it.

The two ‘idiots’ caught up in that incident are shown in the photos alongside.

Bexley Council has been unable to offer any explanation of why Mr. Steve Didsbury (Head of Waste) was presented with the evidence more than a year ago and he decided to do nothing.


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