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Bonkers Blog November 2017

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26 November - The odds on the following being fiction are 2:1. (According to Labour!)

Today it was a toss up between more on the Peter Craske cover up (the complaint against the Borough Commander failed because he wasn’t a Detective and therefore could not be expected to know what was going on) or getting down to the serious business of an Appeal to the Independent Police Complaints Commission following the DPS’s detailed description of everything Bexley police got wrong yet not wrong enough to warrant any further action against them.

The serious business won but that did not preclude a quick look around Twitter.

John DaveyI have said before that the best Bexley Council Twitterer is John Davey (Conservative, Crayford).

John is usually entertaining, usually light hearted but occasionally comes across as unsympathetic to those in most need in a right wing sort of way. He is occasionally just plain wrong but thick skinned and never takes offence.

It can be fun to pull his leg and he is a good sport. Box him into a corner and he simply pops up elsewhere, all smiles. Unlike Councillor Philip Read someone who could be named!

A few days ago John Davey was bragging how it was the Conservatives with their petition and demos who saved Bexleyheath police station and I put forward an alternative view. (See first Twitter image.)

I said that petitions are usually ignored and Bexley Council over the past eight years at least has either refused to accept a petition or taken no notice of it. Councillor Sybil Camsey got it right some years ago when she told Elwyn Bryant that petitions were a waste of time, no one takes any notice.

Councillor Davey was challenged to come up with an exception to Councillor Camsey’s rule.

He didn’t. He knows when he is beaten and knows when to duck out of an argument.

Not so Councillor Philip Read (Conservative, Northumberland Heath). He wanted to muscle in to John’s argument, but not in a constructive way obviously.

Philip ReadIt is perhaps ironic that Read tells Councillor Davey that BiB lives up to its name when it was John Davey who provided the name Bexley is Bonkers during a face to face conversation in 2009.

Although Philip Read lies more often than he doesn’t I will not dispute his assertion that a Labour member is critical of BiB.

One told me that two thirds of what you read on Bonkers is fiction but when challenged could not come up with a single example. (You can be pretty sure that Councillor Hackett will be on the phone during the next 24 hours asking who it was.)

Unlike Read who hides behind a blocked Twitter account, the Labour Councillor made his point while standing right next to me.

On the alleged “self-importance”, I do find the comment a little uncomfortable but only a very little.

I often wonder why Bexley Council takes BiB so seriously. Banning access from libraries and staff computers, more than once trying to get me arrested for things they have made up. They must think it is more important than I do.

No one makes Councillor Read read it and I have little idea why around 40,000 visitors each month come to take a look. They don’t have to either.

Even if half of them arrive by accident and quickly go away and another half are train spotters looking for Crossrail pictures, it still leaves quite a lot of people who may be interested in discovering the truth about Bexley Council now that the local press has virtually collapsed and reduced to regurgitating press releases.


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