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Bonkers Blog November 2017

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25 November - Craske. Will he stay or will he go?

News ShopperSoon after Cabinet Member Peter Craske was arrested on suspicion of creating an obscene blog the News Shopper’s Bexley reporter told me he was not finding it easy to publish anything, but on 4th July 2012 he slipped in the short comment you see here.

On another page of the same issue he made a reference to Craske’s resignation from the Cabinet. Readers in the know were expected to make the connection. (I have not yet located a copy of the second news segment.)

Maybe I am falling victim to conspiracy theory but the Bexley news reporter was demoted to show business correspondent and that issue disappeared from the News Shopper’s archive, which is why you don’t see a copy here.

Councillor Peter Craske felt he must resign - or maybe he was pushed - when there was just a suspicion that he had posted obscenities to the web.

But now we are practically certain he did because the police have put on the record that the blog we knew about was found on his laptop alongside another one of a similar nature.

Councillor Peter Craske resigned from his Cabinet post when there was just a suspicion that he was the obscene blogger; will he go now that we know beyond all doubt that he was very much implicated in the crime?

If he is still in post next April you can be pretty sure that every page of BiB will carry a banner made up of the statements above. Site banners are usually displayed at random but it is very simple to fix pages on just the one.

The ‘campaign’ can then be run right through to election day in May 2018.

DS Mackintosh has questions to answer doesn’t he? Found nasty stuff on Councillor Craske’s laptop but wrote in the crime report that it wasn’t and closed the case. But the Directorate of Professional Standards says he did nothing wrong.

Elwyn does have a point doesn’t he?

(A longer blog with more explanation was planned but I am being dragged away to watch a ball being kicked around. Perhaps the brevity will give you time to do the same.)


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