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Bonkers Blog November 2017

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24 November (Part 1) - Bexley police lie too. Every police officer will lie when so ordered

Detective Sergeant Paul Mackintosh (Bexley police) sent me ten emails between the beginning of July and the beginning of September 2012 nearly all of them insisting that he could not tell me who was suspected of creating the website malcomknight.blogspot and posting obscenities to it. His excuse was that I would be called as a witness to the expected prosecution and must be protected from implied manipulation.

Elwyn Bryant and I were sure the suspect was Craske because the obscenities referred to several events, sometimes less than 24 hours after they took place, and there was only one person who was likely to have the appropriate knowledge.
As if that wasn’t enough, the News Shopper had reported Craske’s arrest and his resignation from the Cabinet. It had to be him but no one would confirm it.

In October 2012 Detective Inspector Underwood decided the case against Craske should be closed despite an incomplete forensics report still being in the laboratory and it was passed to DS Jacqueline Bishop to wrap up.

She too decided that despite two obscene blogs being found on Councillor Craske’s devices, one published the other probably not, “there was no evidence to suggest that Mr. Craske had posted the offensive blog”. Not even a suggestion he did it!

Elwyn and I met Jacqueline Bishop in January 2013 and the name passed her lips almost immediately. Elwyn and I both jumped to attention at the mention of Craske’s name and we explained that it was the first time any officer had ever mentioned it. DS Bishop was visibly shocked and went on the say that his file was the biggest she had ever had to handle. It had, she said, been “crippled by political interference”.

I emailed Bishop to thank her for her honesty and copied it to Chief Superintendent Victor Olissa the Borough Commander. One hour and nineteen minutes later DS Bishop replied denying everything she had told Elwyn and me at the meeting the previous day.

It would appear that I had unwittingly dropped Bishop in the mire by congratulating her on her honesty and copying it to the Chief Superintendent.

One hour and four minutes after sending that email Bishop sent another.

Dear Mr Knight and Mr Bryant,

In relation to the above investigation, please note that my involvement in this has now concluded as the investigation is closed. In light of this, I cannot and will not be responding to any further emails from yourselves.

DS Bishop

Petulant or what?

The following day Chief Superintendent Victor Olisa sent me a wholly professional letter with no hint of any criticism of anything I had written to Bishop.

Elwyn and I continued to believe, right through to this week, that DS Jaqueline Bishop was the only honest police officer to be found in Arnsberg Way and I had unwittingly got her into trouble with her disreputable bosses.

How wrong we were. The DPS report received last Tuesday reveals that she can lie along with the best of them.

It records that DC Yvonne Weeden of the DPS spoke to DS Bishop by telephone on 19th January 2012, a date which has to be wrong because the complaint did not reach Weeden’s department until January 2014 and she wrote to me on 18th February 2014 to introduce herself as new to the case. She wrote again on 8th July 2014 to apologise for not making any progress but hoped to start her investigation “soon”.

However the real point is that DS Bishop admitted to the DPS that she did tell Elwyn and me that the case had been crippled by political interference. However in the eighteen months or whatever since the meeting in Bexleyheath she had been able to think of a good excuse. This little beauty.

Teresa Pearce MP had been guilty of the political interference Bishop said, not the other Teresa and her partner in skullduggery Will Tuckley, (Bexley’s Chief Executive at the time) as everyone else had supposed.

There is written evidence that Bexley Council interfered in the justice process despite everyone agreeing that the crime was committed by Craske or his wife in a private capacity.

So what had the MP for Erith & Thamesmead done to interfere in the course of justice?

Way back in August 2011, Bexley police wrote to Elwyn and me to say that their investigation had been abandoned for lack of evidence. It is only too obvious now that that was a lie but it was fairly obvious that it was a lie on the day I first read it too. It claimed the blog was no longer on the server which was only half true. The blog content had gone but its template continued to occupy malcolmknight.blogspot.

Ms. Pearce reported that fact to Chief Superintendent Dave Stringer at one of her regular meetings and asked him to look at the case again.

My MP has accompanied me to four meetings with the police as a good MP might be expected to do - James Brokenshire refused to help Elwyn - but the police seem to think that supporting a constituent is close to being criminal.

DS Bishop asked the DPS to believe that a meeting between my MP and the Borough Commander in September 2011 (which she called political interference) was one of only three things worth telling Elwyn and me in January 2013. The others being Craske’s name and it being a big file.

No one else would believe such a story but the DPS did. Teresa Pearce did not cripple the investigation, she was wholly responsible for putting it back on the rails - unless of course Bishop meant that Teresa crippled the cover up.

Everyone knows who interfered to get the culprit off the hook and written evidence is available, however the DPS did not mention that evidence in their report at all. To include it might have caused their whole report to unravel. Perhaps they should ask DS Jacqueline Bishop to dream up a silly excuse for its existence.

The DPS report confirms that they did not bother to interview any of the named individuals who are known to be responsible for the conspiracy to “resolve Councillor Craske’s situation” and whilst I have not yet done the count, it looks as though around half of the police officers involved in this case could not be interviewed because they are off on long term sick leave. How very convenient.

Note: The significance of the Batman picture is that I was not only the subject of homophobic abuse in the form of a blog bearing my name, I was also in receipt of abusive emails which were signed by Robin with an address in Gotham City. My ISP traced them to an office closely associated with Craske but Bexley police chose to do nothing about them.


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