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Bonkers Blog November 2017

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23 November (Part 2) - Bexley’s Cabinet Member for Pornography

Peter Craske Obscene blog The Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards may have spent nearly 2,000 days concocting a not entirely convincing defence of Bexleyheath police officers but they have done very little to protect anyone else.

Until now BiB has been very careful to say only that the obscenities posted to the web in May 2011 were traced to one of Cabinet Member Peter Craske’s internet connections because that is all the police had hitherto committed to paper.

BiB has corrected anyone who dared to make the obvious assumption.

That is not necessary any more. The 15 pages of DPS report does not hold back.

The obscene website entitled Malcolm’s Masterbations (sic) was found on Councillor Craske’s laptop (this was denied by Bexley police when they wrote to me in January 2013) and on what the police describe as Apple/Blackberry back up files.

“Another blog of a similar nature” was also found on Councillor Craske’s laptop but there was no evidence that he had got around to publishing it.

Immediately after that revelation the DPS reports in its very next paragraph that a decision was taken not to proceed further with the Craske investigation but to re-arrest him if he did it again.

The DPS report admits that they could find no reason for that curious decision but attributes it to DS Paul Mackintosh.

I received a large number of emails from DS Mackintosh throughout 2012. I was sure he was trying to deceive me at the time and I am even more sure now.

A flimsy excuse for the police taking no further action against Craske is that his copy of the offensive blog was undated and he may have argued that he had merely downloaded it for his amusement. On the DPS’s own admission there was a another very similar one alongside it awaiting upload so you can see why the word flimsy applies.

Mrs. Craske was taken to Bexleyheath police station too and interviewed. No further detail is provided.

I have known for a long time, and I’m sure it must be hidden away on BiB somewhere, that an obscene blog was said to have been posted from a visitor’s area in Queen Mary’s Hospital. The DPS report says that was due to a procedural mistake but some poor soul was traced and taken in for questioning.

It is admitted that enquiries were put on hold from time to time for budgetary reasons. It was the CPS which told Bexley police they must prove Craske posted the obscenities and not his wife or someone who hacked his internet connection.

Chief Superintendent Victor Olisa (now retired) suggested to me in the presence of Elwyn Bryant and Teresa Pearce MP that I had to be eliminated from suspicion of being the hacker. It didn’t seem like just an example at the time, but whether it was or was not it appears to have been a welcome delaying tactic.

Eventually the CPS advised that the police had run out of time but that was six months before a meeting was convened to “resolve the ongoing [Councillor Craske’s] situation” so how that comment fits into the jig saw is uncertain.

There is more to come on this subject but meanwhile everyone is free to say that both published and unpublished pornography about me and others was found on Bexley Cabinet Member Peter Craske’s laptop. Spread the news. He still maintains he does not know who I am but obviously that can only be another Bexley Council lie.


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