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Bonkers Blog November 2017

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22 November (Part 2) - Bexley Conservatives. Still economical with the truth

It’s a good month since Councillor Philip Read last used his Twitter account to propagate venom and fibs which has to be good news. It was always a bit silly for him to send his propaganda to 500 odd followers and then have it exposed to several thousand visitors to Bonkers. I assume that wiser heads than his gave advice.

But the heavily biased propaganda continues elsewhere.
It’s the Wordpress blog (click image above and take a good look at it) where the worst excesses may be found.

300 trees, that’s the higher of the two figures that have been put out by Bexley Council, it includes those due to be planted on new housing developments. Only 15 are planned for wards that the Tories do not expect to win at the next election.

PlacardsThe Tory’s blog claims that Labour supporters waved placards opposing new trees. My recollection is that the placards said something like people [the old and sick] before trees.

(The photo proof has been found. Bexley Conservatives really are liars.)

Grass cutting in parks is up from nine to twelve times a year, back to square one after the cuts of earlier years then.

The LED lighting is “much better” but we all know it is “much dimmer” thanks to the figures issued by Bexley Council itself.

£4 million (actually less than £3·5m) spent on road repairs, twice what is spent on average in non-election years.

Council Leader Teflon Tess says that before the 2014 election the Labour Councillors said that Bexley was heading for "municipal bankruptcy" and it is true, they did say that and it may not have been the best of forecasts but it was made before Bexley Council proposed selling 27 parks (only the most valuable four went through) and before cameras were placed above at least five Yellow Money traps which look like fleecing motorists of a million or so every year.

Without those income streams municipal bankruptcy may have been a possibility.

Luckily for Bexley Council there are still far too many gullible people in this borough.


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