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Bonkers Blog November 2017

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22 November (Part 1) - Whitewash. It was silly to expect anything else

Hogan-HoweI was hoping that the little banner image that has adorned Bonkers on and off for several years would pass the 2,000 day threshold next week but a large brown envelope has put paid to that.

The 15 pages enclosed provide an interesting insight into what was found on Cabinet Member Peter Craske’s household electronic devices but it neatly skips over the evidence Elwyn Bryant and I provided about collusion between the police, Bexley Council and the CPS. It is simply not mentioned.

We are asked to believe that many police officers have failing memories and didn’t make notes. I am supposed to have spoken to a police officer who I would have never heard of if it wasn’t for the Olly Cromwell Court case where I heard the nonsense that officer was prepared to spout in a witness box.

Another police officer who said something incriminating to Elwyn and me but denied it in writing the next day has admitted saying it to the Directorate of Professional Standards but apparently we took it out of context. No reasonable person would believe those words had an alternative meaning.

My MP Teresa Pearce who was so very helpful to me at a every stage of this six year saga is blamed for “political interference” because she asked Borough Commander Chief Superintendent Dave Stringer to look at the case again.

It is simply outrageous that an MP is accused of interfering in a police investigation because she raised an issue with a senior officer after a constituent provided credible evidence that his investigation was inadequate.

When Elwyn and I last met the DPS investigating officer he put his hand on Elwyn’s shoulder and said “I am going to get you a result on this one”. Perhaps Elwyn took that out of context too. The officer did not say what sort of result he would provide.

Along the way DPS officers have asked what sort of punishment should me meted out to guilty officers. They described in great detail what would happen to those officers in the DPS’s own Court Room. They said that as many as eight were to be interviewed under caution. From what I can gather only one was so interviewed.

I know from my family connections with the Daniel Morgan murder that the Metropolitan Police corruption that was the now admitted norm 30 years ago still goes to the very top when there is a need to protect their own. Hogan-Howe may have gone but he has been replaced.

One might easily speculate why the promised result has not been delivered.


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