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Bonkers Blog November 2017

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21 November (Part 2) - An early Christmas message to Bexley Council

Christmas treeYet another email from a reader, this one seems keen to send a Christmas message to Bexley Council.

• You’ve changed the roads to further restrict access to Bexleyheath’s shops.

• You have festooned the place not with Christmas decorations but with road humps, more pedestrian lights and silly roundabouts.

• Your roundabouts and crossings are specially designed to confuse visitors both pedestrian and vehicular. Well done.

• To maximise the misery you have spread the chaos over a whole five years.

• The most significant concession to Christmas lights is the temporary ones holding up the traffic.

• And if that is not enough some car parking charges have doubled.

• A Happy Christmas to all the shop keepers hoping for to make a reasonable living against all odds.

BiB Note: Car park charges have doubled and more in the Mall Shopping Centre. It is not managed by Bexley Council. Council Car Park charges are unlikely to be increased until 2019, after next year’s election.


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