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Bonkers Blog November 2017

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19 November (Part 2) - Some light relief…

Albion Road/Gravel Hill
BiB has yet to receive any message suggesting that the wrecking of Albion Road by Bexley Council has any merit, even cyclists are complaining about it.

There have been two more complaints in the past 48 hours. “The upgrade to Albion Road is a total waste of TFL and Bexley ratepayers’ money It will cause mayhem in the Broadway at critical times.”

Another complaint asked if I knew how much it cost but I don’t. If I remember correctly the Broadway regeneration (code for a few blocks. no kerbs and a silly roundabout) cost £3·5 million but I have no recollection of a figure being given for Phase 2. Does anyone know?

Freedom of Information request
In BiB’s eight years I have only submitted three FOIs, one of them only five weeks ago. It has not been answered which puts it more than a week beyond its due date.

I suppose if you send out an email which says “Dear Mr Knight, Thank you and Constantine for the information provided. This is being investigated and I will advise you on developments. Regards, Stephen Didsbury, Head of Waste & Public Protection” and then fail to follow up and do nothing more about it, it will take a while to manufacture a plausible excuse.

Constantine sent video, I sent Mr. Didsbury photos of fly tipping in progress.

Councillor Michael Barnbrook
It lasted six months. Mick Barnbrook has resigned from his local Parish Council. It was an uphill struggle to drag his fellow Councillors into the 21st Century but he soldiered on, but no way will Michael put up with any form of corruption as Bexley Council knows to its cost.

His Parish Council voted to fund the local Residents’ Association which might have been a reasonable thing to do except that the Councillors and the Association’s Committee are to some extent one and the same. No one was interested in considering a possible conflict of interest and every Councillor apart from Mick voted to give the residents group the cash.

Mick is now working with other former Councillors who have been down the same route to combat the corruption from the outside.

Today is the day when the monthly picture diary is signed off. The station has opened, so has WH Smiths (they have lost my custom already), but the external lifts are still awaited, 74 steps to reach the platform! On Thursday Network Rail management told me that one lift would open that very day - but it didn’t.

My guess is that they didn’t want to risk a breakdown - it’s a Stannah! - over the weekend when engineering support might be in short supply.

Check it out tomorrow morning, everything appears to be ready.

LED street lamps
LEDsAnother subject on which BiB has never received a single message of support is LED lighting. Universally condemned as dim and unsafe but according to Bexley Council absolutely the reverse of that.

Council Leader Teresa O’Neill claims that people are queueing up to thank her for changing the light bulbs; maybe they are muggers and burglars, the most obvious beneficiaries.

Fortunately BiB has a wide readership and one is a professional lighting engineer. Tomorrow BiB will reveal his verdict on Bexley Council’s claims.

Maybe it is time for another reminder that the Bexley is Bonkers Facebook page is not me. It has my total support and it frequently reflects BiB blogs but is not usually me writing there.

I haven’t a clue what a Friend Request is or what would happen if one should be accepted and like Messages - is that the right term? - they effectively disappear down a black hole. If the Bonkers’ Facebook administrator became your friend it would be a form of deception.

The best way of getting a message through to me is the Contact page. Both email and web form are available there.


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