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Bonkers Blog November 2017

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17 November (Part 1) - Mention a Councillor’s name and police minds turn to jelly

When the police officer who arrested Hayley Warnes and kept her in suspense for eleven months heard that she had won her claim for damages against her former employer Councillor Maxine Fothergill he sent a brief email congratulating both her and surveyor Ray Robson on “a pretty good result” and said that except that it was frowned upon by Kent Police he would have “used a smiley face”.

But it wasn’t always like that, the police officer had fallen under Maxine Fothergill’s spell. No Councillor could ever do anything wrong, if she said Hayley was a fraudster then a fraudster she must be.

He wrote to the CPS to say she had committed a series of frauds, not alleged frauds, he was convinced that frauds had taken place. His case would eventually collapse but meanwhile he was pursuing it vigorously with a closed mind. Like the police in Sidcup who jumped because Councillor Massey said that a mess of random pixels revealed the personal details of his daughter.

The Kent officer went further and told the CPS that a third party was disseminating false information to discredit his witnesses. That third party was Ray Robson who is now £30,000 richer thanks to Councillor Fothergill’s acknowledged libel.

Click to read all of the police’s note to the CPS.

Ray provided Kent police with reasons to discontinue their investigation into Hayley’s ‘fraud’ and was rewarded with a threat of prosecution for attempting to Pervert the Course of Justice. Their minds were made up.

Smiley faces may be unprofessional but apparently ridiculing members of the public is not.

Click to read all of the police letter to Ray Robson.

It is only because the police officer came to regret his error that his name has been suppressed.


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