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Bonkers Blog November 2017

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14 November (Part 2) - In the High Court - and out again within minutes

Like you I was expecting today’s business in the High Court to have leaked into the public domain by now, but it hasn’t so far as I know.

I have spoken to someone who was in Court this morning and everything went according to plan but the vital written confirmation has not yet arrived. My information is that the Court did not issue any such confirmation and maybe it will only come via lawyers in the coming days.

Not only did today’s promised confirmation not arrive but the press bundle supposedly attached to one of yesterday’s emails was missing (†). It should have been widely distributed to the press and the plaintiffs’ legal team but the aforesaid Court visitor has told me all of theirs was missing too. It is therefore possible that today’s news may not appear in the newspapers as quickly as expected.

Until it does arrive BiB will not reveal any more about the case.

I have been assured that the successful plaintiffs are both well but very tired and very busy working their way through a back log of work.

Presumably they will be in touch again before long.

† Apparently it was bigger that 11MB so it is not too surprising that most email systems couldn’t cope.


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