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Bonkers Blog November 2017

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12 November (Part 2) - Bexley’s northern outpost. Going down hill fast

Sainsbury's Sainsbury'sIn the whole of my 30 years in Abbey Wood - technically Belvedere but Abbey Wood is much closer - I have never felt more depressed about the place.

Years of Council neglect and central government policies have changed it out of recognition and £4·2 million of new flower beds and stone features in Lesnes Abbey Park has done nothing whatsoever to lift my mood.

If I counted correctly there were seven knifings of various severity within a couple of miles of home over a period of 13 days less than a month ago. Not long before someone was bashed to a pulp with baseball bats less than ten minute’s walk away. Overnight the new Sainsbury’s appears to have become a victim unless perhaps a shopping trolley careered out of control within the store.

Meanwhile I hear that the attention the area has been given since September by the police and Greenwich Council is likely to end soon for lack of evidence of bad behaviour.

When I tell my country bumpkin relatives what goes on - my son in Wiltshire doesn’t see the need to lock his doors - I am asked why I stay here. They have a good point but who else will look after the old lady in East Ham?

Photographs by Brian Barnett. @thamesmeadnews


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