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Bonkers Blog November 2017

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3 November - Another lucky escape? I hope so

Crash Crash CrashBy good luck or by cautious driving over the past 56 years, probably both, I’ve never yet made contact with another vehicle, except someone once drove into my stationary car while distracted by a friend waving from the footpath, however that record nearly came to a sticky end four or five months ago.

Bexley Council rearranged the junction of New Road with Abbey Road quite a long time ago, maybe ten years. It is now more difficult to negotiate which is supposed to make it safer but it is still a little too like an acute Y junction than a T junction. Looking towards the right requires twisting one’s neck through more than 90 degrees. Maybe it was that which was nearly my downfall. Late at night I failed to see a black car approach on side lights only. I had pulled out only a couple of feet before seeing it and going no further. The oncoming driver was easily able to pass in front of me, a calamity averted but I am even more careful at the junction now.

This morning something similar must have happened and a motorcyclist came a cropper. I stayed a respectful distance away but as far as I could judge there were no serious injuries.

The ambulance and fire brigade turned up shortly afterwards but not the police while I was nearby. For reasons which made no sense the fire appliance which put sand over spilt oil, parked sideways on in the middle of the road such that cars could get down the hill but buses couldn’t.


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