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Bonkers Blog November 2017

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2 November (Part 3) - ‘Labour Councillors welcome police station decision’

You may have noticed that BiB took no interest in Sadiq Khan’s rather ridiculous proposal to close Bexleyheath’s police station and thereby police the town centre from a far flung outpost in Sidcup.

My rational thoughts were subdued by the knowledge that Bexleyheath police station is stuffed full of officers who when in possession of 100% good evidence and a fabrication by a Bexley Councillor will use the latter. (The Olly Cromwell case where a totally false allegation that he had Tweeted about dog faeces and letterboxes was sent to the CPS by officers who absolutely knew that the truth was somewhat different.)

Then there were the two trumped up harassment allegations against myself. The first believed to be engineered by Council Leader Teresa O’Neill for reporting on BiB what Hugh Neal, the well known Erith blogger, had written about her. I was threatened with arrest, Hugh heard nothing at all.

Police stationThen more recently the self-important Cabinet Member Don Massey persuaded an obedient police officer that my publication of a mess of unrecognisable pixels with no comment that breached that anonymity had somehow divulged all his daughter’s personal details. One expects dishonesty from Bexley Councillors, it is scandalous when police officers tread the same path.

So maybe you will understand why I didn’t add my name to the petition to save Bexleyheath police station. Moving it as far away from the Civic Offices as possible was not without its attractions.

In any case, no one takes any notice of petitions. Bexleyheath police station has been saved because the police themselves saw all too clearly the problems that would ensue. Chief Superintendent Stuart Bell summarised some of them when he addressed last month’s People Scrutiny meeting.

Despite all that, Bexley's Conservative Councillors are keen to take the credit for saving Bexleyheath police station. Twitter is awash with their wild claims…
Tweet Tweet
… and maybe they have persuaded some people that they deserve all the credit.

While Bexley Conservatives were busy with their placards, their petitions and their propaganda what were Labour Councillors doing?

Were they in cahoots with the Labour Mayor? Were they marching on City Hall and organising publicity photos?

No, I am afraid they were not.

They were writing well reasoned letters and sending them to influential people. The Home Secretary and the Deputy Head of the Mayor’s Office for Policing (MOPAC) with attachments. (Click the links to read them.)

And finally there is the Bexley Labour welcome for the police station’s reprieve.

When you hear Bexley Conservatives taking all the credit and possibly claiming that Labour wanted to see the station closed you will hopefully know the truth.


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