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Bonkers Blog May 2017

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7 May - Addendum to Part 2

• Repaired water pipe after a nail was driven through it.
• Changed ball valve in loft.
• Repaired gas pipe severed by hack saw.
• Replaced central heating pump and motorized valve.
• Realigned satellite dish when moved by double glazing installer.
• Rerouted satellite cable to a different room.
• Installed new roof mounted Freeview TV aerial.
• Installed various items of AV equipment and usually provided necessary cables.
• Advised on camera equipment.
• Provided a wireless internet connection (with expensive long range aerial) for a school aged family member when householder refused to pay for a net connection.
• Fixed many different computers several times.
• Helped replace floor rotted by a hidden leak from faulty refrigerator.
• Maintained now 30 year old central heating boiler replacing parts as necessary.
• Installed new cooker, hob, extractor fan and sink in kitchen.
• Helped install lesser kitchen items and cut wall tiles.
• Installed new kitchen tap at a later date.
• Identified fault on two almost new bathroom taps and repaired them.
• Installed full length mirror in bedroom.
• Helped install coving in bedroom.
• Restored downstairs lights when cables were disconnected without noting which wire went where.
• Corrected wiring faults on conservatory under-floor heating.
• Helped move old conservatory to new position.
• Erected two garden sheds.
• Cleared blockage in external surface water drain.
• Helped clear blockage in washing machine drain pipe.
• Replaced the least accessible sections of rainwater guttering.
• Made partially serviceable a completely broken double glazed window hinge - twice.
• Charged flat car batteries several times.
• Towed car home when it broke down.
• Organised tours of London for overseas guests and escorting them. Once alone.
• Took overseas guest to Heathrow at 5 a.m. when no one else could conveniently do it.
• Collected stranded family member in the middle of the night several times (when neighbour refused to turn out).
• Delivered family member to hospital several times (when neighbour didn’t offer).
• Mediated during a family rift.
• Agreed to nurse a sick relative for approximately two hours a day for best part of a year.
• Carried sick relative from wheelchair to car many times because everyone else claimed to be not strong enough.
• Web cast relative's funeral service to family overseas.
• Dug the hole to receive the ashes.
• Cut down two trees.
• Agreed to pay half the cost of removing two more trees but was never paid the other half.
• Proved that a £9,000 scheme to waterproof roofing tiles was a scam just in time to back out of the contract.
• Witness to will and other documents.
• Built most of a front garden wall at another family property.
• Fixed various domestic appliances at that property.

Not once was there any help in return and now everything is thrown away because I unintentionally splashed water on a two year old car. Beyond belief.

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