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Bonkers Blog May 2017

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26 May (Part 2) - Poor road design and Coroner’s advice ignored. Result, carnage

Maidstone Road Maidstone RoadJohn Watson has spoken to an eye-witness following yesterday’s Maidstone Road collision and has submitted the following account of what happened. As the police would no doubt wish me to remind you, eye-witnesses are not always totally reliable.

Two marked Police cars appeared to be pursuing a suspect from Ruxley Roundabout towards Swanley on their blues and twos.

Ahead was a white BMW and a traffic island which had been installed by Bexley Council following a Coroner’s recommendation that a traffic controlled crossing should be provided following the death of a lady a few years ago at this location.

I made an objection to Bexley Council at the time because they failed to comply with the Coroner’s recommendations and the inadequate traffic island was in the wrong position for passengers alighting from buses and intending to visit the two local nurseries.

One officer decided to overtake to the right of the traffic island, by which time he was probably travelling at 70 m.p.h.

The male driver of the white BMW turned right in front of the approaching police car to go into the BMW garage which caused the police car to smash into the white BMW’s rear offside wing and wheel. Both vehicles spun on impact.

Airbags were deployed in the police BMW causing its windscreen to crack. The driver of the white BMW needed assistance to exit his car. When he did he was wearing a white neck support.

Presumably the driver of the white BMW should have checked his mirror before turning right into the garage. It is absolutely necessary in Abbey Road where it passes Lesnes Abbey. Ever since Andrew Bashford lied about his road design complying with the Transport Research Laboratory’s recommendations for narrowing roads, boy racers and the occasional bus driver overtakes those adhering to the speed limit by passing traffic islands on the wrong side. In some places Bexley Council has made it almost mandatory by placing islands adjacent to bus stops. Absolutely nuts - as always.

Note to journalists: There have so far been three requests from the media to use John Watson’s pictures. To avoid delay just take them and notify later. The same goes for all photos on Bexley-is-Bonkers.


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