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Bonkers Blog May 2017

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25 May (Part 1) - Bexley has a new Mayor. Conservative of course

I hope this does not come as too much of a shock, but I found last night’s Council meeting quite enjoyable and maybe even fun. It had nothing to do with the bar laid on for favoured guests because obviously I am not one of those.

All three Conservative Parliamentary candidates were there together with Edward Baxter (Erith & Thamesmead) looking a little like a fish out of water in such distinguished company. James Brokenshire, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland and David Evennett, Conservative Whip.

ToriesDavid Evennett provided me with the evening’s highlight. He came up to me, didn’t ask who I was, shook me warmly by the hand, said a few kind words over a minute or two before another shake of the hand and returning to his seat.

What a nice man he seemed to be. I hadn’t dreamed that Mr. Evennett might be a BiB reader. Good job there has in eight years never been a reason to be critical of David.

Just imagine if senior Conservative Councillors had displayed the same courtesies and common sense when BiB was first launched. Instead they ran tittle-tattling to the police, horrified at the thought of being criticised, thereby ensuring the continuation of BiB.

Not very clever are they?

David Evennett is obviously not to be lumped in with Teresa O’Neill and Co.

Pallen Borella ReaderSomeone else who probably shouldn’t be lumped in with Teresa O’Neill is Councillor James Hunt (Conservative, East Wickham) although to say so will probably do his Council career no good at all.

Opening mouth before engaging brain I directed a tasteless joke at James Hunt. He called me a “cheeky sod” but made it clear he was in no way offended. Another Conservative who knows how to keep in the public’s good books.

Not a great deal was said about Eileen Pallen’s time as Mayor, the mood was less celebratory than usual in view of the appalling events in Manchester.

Councillor Stefano Borella (Labour, North End) proposed his ward colleague Brenda Langstead for Mayor but as already discussed, the Great Dictator has no interest at all in democracy so he was given short shrift.

Councillor Philip Read (Conservative, Northumberland Heath) proposed his ward colleague Peter Reader as Mayor which was exactly what Teresa O’Neill had ruled in advance.

His recommendation was a slightly risqué speech which dwelt on Councillor Reader’s time in the navy, “girl in every port” etc., and his “chat up techniques” for which Councillor Read was able to offer improvement advice. In seconding the proposal, Councillor Alex Sawyer continued with the theme referring to the canvassing of ladies in nightdresses. It was all good fun and one must hope that Councillor Reader thought so too.

Councillor Reader has been a Councillor in Bexley, on and off, since 1968 and the Tories voted for him unanimously.
New Mayor New Mayor

Pallen PallenCouncillor Pallen was given an award for a year of service and kept her departure speech commendably short.

Bexley Council’s Press Release.


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