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Bonkers Blog May 2017

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24 May (Part 3) - Sainsbury’s jam exhibition

Exhibition ExhibitionWhilst publicity may have been a last minute rush job the exhibition opened on time under the watchful eye of Andrew Bashford, the man without whose monumental misinformation back in 2009, Bexley-is-Bonkers would not exist.

While I was there he was being given a hard time over what was said to be inadequate cycle track provision.

I picked up a couple of leaflets which will be shown here as soon as time permits. Probably tomorrow.

Meanwhile I leave you with this brief extract.

I think we have all seen such promises loads of times before.

For time reasons I went to Sainbury’s by car. I was caught at three sets of lights (out of four) and held up on the Lensbury Way roundabout. Things could hardly get worse than they are now but Andrew Bashford will have found a way.


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