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Bonkers Blog May 2017

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23 May (Part 2) - Work started on 1st March and tomorrow Bexley Council will tell you what is going on

Notice HMWI knew the exhibition was coming at the end of May because the Abbey Wood Traders’ Association was told about it (I act as their secretary) by a man from Greenwich Council at their meeting on April 5.

There is therefore very little excuse for not giving notice of the Harrow Manorway improvements exhibition to be held tomorrow and Thursday in Sainsbury’s.

Bexley Council put up a notice on the Greenwich side of Wilton Road early this morning or possibly late yesterday.

They got around to Tweeting about it yesterday evening, better late than never.

TweetDon’t think it is a Consultation, the Harrow Manorway regeneration is all signed off and work has been ongoing very spasmodically for almost three months. Maybe there will be more activity next month, or maybe the month after that.


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