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Bonkers Blog May 2017

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22 May - Forget Thursday, now it’s Saturday

NetSo I woke up at six to find no net connection, what a pain. All those wires and switches to be checked.

Fortunately I know the technical director of my ISP pretty well and I am well equipped so he was able to get into my router’s back door (Auxiliary port) over a dial up modem and run tests which showed a problem somewhere upstream of here. He asked BT to rebuild the Fibre To The Cabinet Port Configuration. A few minutes ago they did and BiB is operational again.

An email from Teresa Pearce said that Update/Eventbrite has got the date of the E&T hustings wrong. What sort of shambolic outfit does that?

So here’s a new link for booking tickets.

Seems it’s now going to be on Saturday which suits me better, assuming my ticket is still valid.

This seems like a very phoney election to me. I've not received any leaflets, neither have any of my friends. One was emailed to me by a reader today.

It doesn’t say a lot but so far it beats all the others.
Maybe I will get a blue or purple one for balance soon.


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