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Bonkers Blog May 2017

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17 May (Part 1) - Sidcup. Once again the message must be, avoid it if you can

Sidcup is not often a destination for me except to take photographs of holes in the road and traffic at a standstill, it’s more a place to drive through as quickly as possible.

It was therefore a surprise to me when reports came in earlier in the week of unnecessary gridlock around Longlands Road.
Apparently Bexley Council in its wisdom has instructed F.M. Conway to close the road entirely and there is no advance notice of that from the point of view of both time and geography.

One complainant has asked Andrew Bashford, famed for his unfortunate big fib to me, for an explanation. No doubt it will reach me in due course and we will all be able to see why he thought total closure was a good idea.

Maybe I should have warned a friend who came over to see me this morning.

TweetShe took 42 minutes to drive from Chislehurst war memorial crossroads to the turn off for The Green in Sidcup. I blamed Bexley Council and the Longlands Road closure and that may have been a contributory factor but the real problem was another of Thames Water’s holes in the ground. They are not due to fill it in and go away until next Monday.

So today’s message must be avoid Longlands Road, the centre of Sidcup, Albion Road, Gravel Hill and Bexley Village. Oh just play safe and avoid Bexley altogether!


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