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Bonkers Blog May 2017

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15 May (Part 1) - Mr. Bill Stickers is being Hunted down

It might be seen as cowardice if BiB avoided all comment on elections but being a long time Conservative voter who discovered that too many local Tories are - well, what shall I say? - very nasty people, it is impossible to back them unconditionally.

Locally at least, the leading lights within the Labour party couldn’t possibly be described as nasty but I find myself wondering how they can possibly support some of the national party’s policies. I’ve no inside information but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some didn’t.

My situation falls between the proverbial rock and a hard place and my chosen solution is to attempt to be equally critical of all parties.

I think I can remember why I was first inclined to be a Conservative supporter; it wasn’t parental influence, my father voted Tory but my mother and all her siblings were staunchly Labour as one might expect of the children of an LNER crane driver from the Temple Mills (Stratford) marshalling yard.

What swayed me in my impressionable teenage years was walls daubed with political slogans. The desecration was always the work of the left and it convinced me that the Labour party was comprised mainly of hooligans. I eventually came to realize that Conservative hooligans stick to nobbling the police and the CPS or maybe rigging Libor rates which is nothing like as visible as daubing walls and resorting to violence against the establishment and the right. With Militant Tendency gone hooligans can only gravitate towards Labour.

Political misbehaviour still appears to me to be mainly the work of the left and I don’t like it now any more than I did in 1959 which is why I was disappointed to see the subject of Councillor James Hunt’s Tweet this morning.
Tweet Labour
James Hunt is making political capital out of some Labour stickers plastered over bus stops and phone boxes near Welling station. Exactly why he believes it is worth his time and energy I’m not sure. Does he think that Secretary of State James Brokenshire might be threatened by Labour candidate Danny Hackett?

For the past couple of weeks I have been trying to get hold of election material to post on BiB but up to very recently at least the candidates said they hadn’t got any. (I made up the two adverts which may appear at the head of this page.)

I called Danny Hackett on a poor mobile phone line and asked if his stuff had arrived yet. Most of it hadn’t and when I cheekily asked if I could have a sticker he admitted to having received his roll but it was locked away for safety in the boot of his car. If it wasn't possible to prise stickers out of Danny, where did those in Welling come from? It set me thinking.

Quite a lot of Conservatives jokers joined Labour under their £3 membership scheme in order to vote for Jeremy Corbyn, they are not above a bit of skullduggery. I discovered that I could buy a roll of 250 Labour stickers for a measly four quid. Would they? I wouldn’t put anything past a Bexley Tory.

TweetThe Conservatives are milking the stickers for all they are worth and haven’t any proof of where they came from. I was thinking of buying some Conservative stickers and plastering Lesnes Abbey but they are a rip off. Seven times the price of the Labour ones and smaller.

Councillor Craske claims it has cost the taxpayer money to have the stickers removed but that looks like a finger nail job to me. The Council’s team would surely have used some solvent.

Conservative Sticker
It’s all a stupid Tory storm in a teacup. Some idiot, maybe a Bexley Conservative idiot - it’s not as though there is a shortage of them - has quite likely bought or otherwise purloined some stickers and painted the town red.

The Tories, you would think they might have something more intelligent to do right now, are also complaining that Danny Hackett hasn’t apologised for the stickers which he didn’t even know about until James Hunt brought them to his attention.

I think I might phone Danny again and ask him to apologise if I get some apologies too.

PigsOne from the Leader of Bexley Council, Teresa O’Neill following her puerile complaint to the police that I had been “criticisng Councillors” (aw diddums!) and - from my February 2012 meeting with the Borough Police Commander - that I had threatened arson and violence against Bexley Council. Someone else had quoted Mary Shelley's pitchforks and flaming torches metaphor.

Perhaps Councillor Peter Craske could apologise for allowing someone to use his internet connection and his wife’s computer (or phone) to post obscenities to the web in my name. (Recently confirmed to me by the police.)

And what about Councillor Don Massey apologising for his malicious allegation of harassment against me for referring to what was already all over the web anyway?

Pigs might fly. This Conservative says “tell ’em to go and stuff themselves Danny”.


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