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Bonkers Blog May 2017

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14 May (Part 2) - Oh the irony!

Some of our Councillors are hilarious on Twitter. After Councillor Hackett Tweeted that his party had set up “a brilliant stall” in Sidcup, John Davey retorted “What are you selling, Tony Blair war memorabilia, Gordon Brown bank investments, Milliband tombstones or Corbyn white flags?”

I don’t suppose Councillor Hackett would fully appreciate the joke but surely even he would grudgingly admit it was a witty response. I think I may have added that Gold Bars would not be on sale because Gordon Brown has already flogged them off at a knock down price, but there is a limit to what can be done with 140 characters.

John Davey’s preferred form of Twitter humour would appear to be the clever one liner but Councillor Peter Craske appears to specialise in the purest of irony.
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The ‘black’ comment is the only part of an original document traced to Councillor Craske’s telephone line that one can perhaps get away with publishing freely. Other parts of it were far more extreme.


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