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Bonkers Blog May 2017

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13 May (Part 1) - Contrast and Compare

The more one gets to know local Conservative politicians the more that long term Tories like me - chucked out of a Labour party meeting in 1959 for heckling - may begin to feel that they should find another home for their vote.

A couple of weeks ago Bexley UKIP was making a song and dance about Teresa Pearce (Labour, Erith & Thamesmead) paying her husband Paul a fortune for his role as her part-time office manager. The UKIP story was complete balderdash. Teresa pays Paul nothing for that role and not a lot when he takes over full-time for other staffs’ holidays etc. Something between nothing and £5,000 according to IPSA.

Perhaps UKIP should have turned their fire towards Priti Patel (Witham, Essex) who employs her husband, Bexley Councillor Alex Sawyer (Conservative, St. Mary’s). Priti is the President of Erith & Thamesmead Conservative Association. Alex was also on its Committee until recently.

SawyerAlex Sawyer not only gets £22,615 of Bexley's taxpayers' cash for persecuting motorists, he also gets a big fat sum for a few hours a week in Mrs.  Sawyer’s office. (Click image for more details.)

Getting on for fifty grand a year for part time work might be easy money but it doesn’t make Sawyer fabulously rich so he obviously needs another job. Not quite in George Osborne territory but at least one more.

Alex Sawyer’s is at NASDAQ, the stock exchange, where he’s a consultant. In true Bexley Tory fashion, according to The Times, he failed to disclose his outside interest to IPSA as is required by law.

I have formerly excluded Alex Sawyer from the list of Bexley Cabinet Members I regard as fundamentally dishonest. Maybe I should think that out again.

If one Googles 'Bexley Council Register of Interests’ it leads to this page…
Why? Not exactly friendly or transparent is it? (Last line.)

Maybe if Elwyn Bryant and I booked an appointment to inspect the Register, Councillor Peter Craske could write an obscene blog about it.

Note: If one hunts around enough the 2014 Register of Interests can be found on Bexley’s website.


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