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Bonkers Blog May 2017

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10 May (Part 2) - Breaking the news blackout

One of BiB’s longest serving contributors is a lady from Bexleyheath and that is all the identification clues you are going to get except that Bexley Council once threatened to report her mothering skills to Social Services. I have long known why and would love to explain but it would probably be too big an ID clue. Suffice to say Bexley Council's actions were despicable and provably dishonest.

As a result of her experience the same lady has taken a close interest in the injustice meted out by Social Services elsewhere and she has asked if I could publicise a case which has occupied a lot of her time for the past year or so.

There is no direct connection to Bexley Council apart from the fact that the solicitor to the Council involved is said to live here and this story is on BiB only because my long time supporter asked for it. It’s pay her back time.

Eugene LukjanenkoOne of her friends is the concert pianist Eugene Lukjanenko - no I had never heard of him either - who lives in Kent.

Like so many unfortunate parents, Eugene was on the receiving end of false child abuse allegations, taken to Court and was relieved when the judge threw the case out. However the inhumanity of some Social Workers is well known and those at Medway Council took his son away for adoption. It happens all the time and Bexley has certainly not been an exception.

Part of Medway Council’s justification is that Eugene's father was a Holocaust survivor and his son must by definition be mentally scarred. Eugene had suffered anti-Semitism as a child so he must be mentally inadequate too. Where do Councils recruit these cretins from?

There’s not a lot of point in repeating the full story here, there is plenty of detail on the web.

Eugene has not taken the injustice lying down and he has been very active on Facebook and Twitter.

Last Saturday he went a step further and climbed on to the roof of an MP’s house. It was Edward Timpson, MP for Crewe and Nantwich who lives in the nearby village of Kelsall. Why the Conservative MP for Crewe? He is (was?) Children's Minister.

The police went straight into their political bias mode so familiar to readers of BiB. The MP’s family was moved out, the ambulance and paramedics were sent away, the police didn’t care if Eugene slipped and injured himself and basically they starved and froze him over more than 48 hours. No food, no water and no blanket. More sinister was the carefully engineered news black out.

Mr. Lukjanenko was forced down yesterday and is in Court today facing a possible prison sentence. Yet again Social Workers think they know better than criminal courts. I feel inclined to borrow one of John Kerlen’s four letter words.

The only publicity appears to be on Facebook, there is nothing in the local press This short blog will help put that injustice right.


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