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Bonkers Blog May 2017

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9 May (Part 1) - Out, and out and about

Erith & Thamesmead. Back stabbers win
Today’s political news must be that Anna Firth has obviously lost her battle to be Erith & Thamesmead’s Conservative candidate. Her Twitter page no longer says anything about being E&T spokesman and her own website now contains nothing of interest, well to be fair it has a picture of Theresa May on it, so not really worth visiting.

I am sure that Councillors Philip Read and John Davey did their best for her but some will think that might be the kiss of death. Nevertheless, whatever your views on Anna surely one must sympathise with more than two years of doing what she thought was best for the area and being brought down through being on the winning side of the EU debate.

Conservative HomeOne can only assume that the people who run Conservative Central Office - as it used to be called - are a bunch of back stabbing cads who are still sore about Brexit.

So it’s welcome to the new man whoever he is. May I give you an electoral tip? Do not ever make friends with all the candidates at an election; it creates the most enormous dilemma when it comes to a decision on where to put your cross.

Click image for further insight into the unscrupulous back stabbers.

The Ridgeway
It’s quite a long walk to The Ridgeway and it’s a long time since I took a look at what Bexley Council is doing to improve the sewer topping path. They are several years behind Greenwich Council which upgraded their section several years ago.

Here’s a few pictures of not a lot going on.
Ridgeway Ridgeway Ridgeway Ridgeway
The path pedestrians are asked to use is actually the adjacent road. For more information on the path there is a Facebook Group.

I bet Sewell Road was called something else when it was first built.

Demolition of Tavy Bridge
My decision to document the demolition of Tavy Bridge and the associated library has proved to be premature. I rushed there when the notices went up on 12th April because I naively thought work would start shortly afterwards, but nothing has happened. My expectation that 28th May would be a suitable date for their publication is going to be well wide of the mark.

PlanningMaybe it is because Bexley Council forgot to ask itself for planning permission.

Lesnes Abbey
It’s been said before but the restyled Lesnes Abbey park really does look very good although it is still not finished, what does that make it, two years late? Nearly three? I have lost count.
Lesnes Lesnes Lesnes Lesnes
The cafeteria was completely deserted but what else would you expect on such a dull day? My solar system which draws graphs shows we are currently in the longest period of consecutive sunless days since November 2015. If tomorrow repeats that pattern it will be the longest period for six years.

Will there ever be an official opening of a completed Lesnes Abbey Park? I have my doubts given that I can be in the Monk’s Garden in fewer than two minutes from home. Would Bexley Council risk a repeat of the Bexley Bridge opening ceremony where the Mayor ran away rather than appear in my viewfinder?

CrossrailIf you should be wondering where the occasional Crossrail report has gone, the answer is there is nothing much to see. Fences everywhere and a lot of the work has moved inside the station building.

The picture shows yet another wall going up.


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