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Bonkers Blog May 2017

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8 May (Part 2) - Too posh to push for an Asian

I was speaking to someone more politically astute than I am who suggested that an Asian dentist might be exactly what Erith & Thamesmead Conservatives need.

There is a big ethnic population in the North of the borough and a bus ride at the right time of the day might convince you that you are on a foreign holiday (†). Perhaps those people could be persuaded to abandon their habitual political choices for the Asian dentist.

At the same time a professional brown man might not scare away traditional Tory voters. He could appeal to twice the number attracted to a lady from Sevenoaks however good a Conservative she might be.

One of the problems with the people who control Erith & Thamesmead Conservative Association is that they are all well to do people who definitely don’t want to live there. Its President is Priti Patel, MP for Witham in Essex and Minister for Overseas Development. Why?

I’ve nothing against Witham - my great great grandfather was born there - or Priti Patel but just look at how the E&T Facebook page is illustrated.
E and T
Two Government ministers, nice but posh Anna Firth and two of the most disreputable Councillors you can find anywhere. (Just to be clear, I don’t consider Councillor Davey - centre rear - to be disreputable. Bumbling perhaps but I’ve not seen any evidence of dishonesty.)

So the E&T Tories are led by posh people who hard core Labour supporters will never vote for and a bunch of Tories that most BiB readers know only too well. That line up will not win them any converts.

† Before someone calls me a Brexit supporting racist - actually they have already - the job I was doing earlier was for a Nigerian and it was far from being the first time.


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