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Bonkers Blog May 2017

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Old Farm

5 May (Part 3) - Thamesmead Tories’ turmoil

There have been two political ‘adverts’ at the top of this page for several days past. (Not when in Mobile viewing mode). Just because they are both Labour ones does not mean I have turned into a raging leftie or any other variety of the species. It means that I have not yet got a choice of what can be put there.

What I would really like is some news of who my Tory candidate will be but the Erith & Thamesmead Tories appear to have their knickers well and truly in a twist.

Anna FirthAnna Firth is the obvious candidate. She is a bit of a Mrs. Marmite character who upset a good number of people in 2015 but at least those of us who keep our political wits around us know, for better or for worse, a bit of what she is like. She must know by now the difference between Erith and Plumstead which must make her a better bet than some stooge bused in from Central Office.

Anna as you may know was unceremoniously bundled off the preferred candidates list a year ago for being a Brexiteer. Hasn’t Central Office worked out yet that it was Anna who backed the winner and not Cameron and his Clowns?

However despite emergency meetings designed to get Anna reinstated, Central Office has still not come to its senses. It has instead - if the grapevine has done its job correctly - chosen a dentist of Pakistani extraction to fill E&T’s decaying cavity. Bloody fools. I thought I was going to return to my Tory roots this time around, now I am not so sure.

Here’s some words you don’t often read on BiB. “I agree with John Davey and Philip Read” who are vigorously fighting Anna’s corner. Rather the Devil you know I say.


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