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Bonkers Blog May 2017

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5 May (Part 1) - The Leader lies?

Yesterday’s report that Council Leader Teresa O’Neill had been boasting about the success of the LED lighting programme took only an hour or two to provoke its first comment.

O'NeillHi Malcolm,

If Councillor O’Neill is claiming to have received favourable letters about the installation of LED street lights (your blog 4 May Part 2) presumably she and the letter writers do not have the lighting columns directly outside their properties.

The fact that the department will not accept telephone calls and the extensive investigations Jo Hollier is claiming her department is doing would imply that they have had lots of complaints. If it was only me I am sure my complaint would just be ignored - or perhaps it is since I have not heard anything for some while now.

Have you had any comments on this topic from any of your other correspondents?

Angling diffusers or adding shields is hardly rocket science. In view of O’Neill’s boast would it be an appropriate time for a gentle nudge in your blog that not everyone appreciates the ghostly grey pallor the lights put on everything nor the illuminating of the whole of their house fronts including hallway and bedrooms.



And my reply…

Hi B,

My filing system makes it impossible to check the number of comments I have received about LED lights exactly but I am pretty sure there have been three – all negative and similar to your own.

I also have an email from a Council employee that says the reason lighting reports are now on line only is that the Council was inundated with complaints and had to do something quickly to put a stop to them.



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