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Bonkers Blog March 2017

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28 March (Part 2) - No more Trust

The Bexley Times reports that the Trust that managed Hall Place held its final meeting last night before Bexley Council takes back control.

Hall PlaceThe bit that caught my eye was the claim that the Trust has operated the site effectively and in a solvent fashion which might well be true but Bexley Council doesn’t think so.

There was scathing criticism at the Places Scrutiny Committee last December. The Trust “had not done a very good job” and the Council had to write off their £2·5 million loan to the Trust.

Exactly why it had to be written off escapes me, the last accounts filed by the Trust at Companies House show a seven figure balance sheet.

Maybe the Trust was badly run, one of its Directors was Colin Campbell, Deputy Leader of Bexley Council until he stood down at the May 2014 election.

Mr. Campbell is a local business man of some note about whom many stories surfaced while he was a Councillor in Bexley. I have no idea where Bexley's £2·5 million went.


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