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Bonkers Blog March 2017

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Southeastern Consultation

19 March (Part 1) - Lesnes Abbey. Looks good if you can afford it

The past two weeks saw one fairly obvious improvement to Lesnes Abbey park. The entrance opposite Fossington Road, the one nearest to Abbey Wood, was opened,

Lesnes Lesnes LesnesInside the grass has been cut and the weeds cleared from around the Mulberry tree.

I have yet to catch the Visitor Centre open to the public but I have spoken to someone who has used the café. He said a bacon sandwich cost £3·50 and at that price he wouldn’t be going there again.

There has been significant progress at Abbey Wood station over the same period. The track is now continuous from Belvedere through Abbey Wood station to the tunnel portal and beyond. The Crossrail platform has already seen its first diesel hauled train. The station front has been partially glazed and the stairs to the platform are in place although not yet complete.

A look back at the photos from last March shows no sign of a new station, not even the support platform over the track. It has been an amazing transformation in a relatively short time while services have been maintained most days.


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