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Bonkers Blog March 2017

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18 March (Part 1) - Council Tax bills hit the doormats. Finance Director does a runner

If you have not had a Council Tax demand from Bexley Council you are sure to do so by Monday. My bill has gone up by 3·5% because the Greater London Authority precept has not gone up as much as Bexley’s.

There was no leaflet this year to explain where the money is going, presumably another of Bexley Council’s cut backs, but the next issue of their magazine, if you get yours, will make amends for that.

Bexley Council is currently languishing close to the bottom of the list when it comes to low Council Tax Rates, 24th out of 32 in 2016/17, and it is arithmetically impossible for that to be improved this year. In Newham where I spend more time than I would like they are in 7th best position and have frozen Council Tax for nine consecutive years.

The Mayor naturally likes to brag about it.
It’s not all good of course. Newham’s roads are in a bit of a state and their recycling services are not very effective but on the other hand they will take your large items away for next to nothing and residents’ parking permits are free. £100 in Bexley.

I’d still rather live in Bexley.

GriffinSomeone who may not be quite so keen on Bexley is Finance Director Alison Griffin. On Tuesday she will be formally adopted by Southend Borough Council as their new Chief Executive. Well done Alison.

Congratulations are due not just for getting the job but also managing to survive two and a half years in Bexley with barely a bad word about her on Bonkers. The only adverse comment was when she threatened Mick Barnbrook with the vexatious tag.

When Alison Griffin spoke at Council meetings she appeared to be totally on top of her brief which is far from always being the case at Bexley Council. Maybe she benefited from the contrast with the Cabinet Member for Finance who always gives the impression he is playing politics and lying.

Looks like we are going to have to make do without either of them. Desk Thief next or has her reputation been ruined to the point that no Council would want her?


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