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Bonkers Blog March 2017

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15 March - General Gordon, Peter Craske and Thames Water

FerryYesterday’s photo of the old Woolwich ferry Will Crooks stirred the memories of some of the older BiB readers and as there is nothing much to report today, here’s another one. This time it is of Gordon taken on the same day almost 60 years ago. You need to stare hard at the original negative to see that it is Gordon but it is. The remarkable thing is that you could be a passenger on one ferry and photograph another one. It was the norm to see two boats loading, one at each pier and the third in mid river. The fourth would be moored as a spare. Those were the days.

Cabinet Member Peter Craske has been busy pushing out Press Releases again, this time it is on fly-tipping and the need to be careful when allowing scrap merchants to take away unwanted stuff. I'm not sure that the new rules really help reduce the rubbish problem.

I have had a large computer case standing just inside my front door for several weeks. It’s a nice case in good condition but no one would want a computer that big any more, not even me. How does one get rid of it? A couple of years ago you could put it on the front drive and it would be gone within 24 hours and someone would be half a quid richer.

There are two cast manhole covers in my front garden. They are almost too heavy to lift and must be worth a bob or two as scrap. Thames Water put them there for a reason six months ago and then forgot all about them. If anyone wants to steal them it is fine by me. It may not please Councillor Craske but that’s almost a bonus.


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